Paul Sawatszky

Real Estate Agent
Paul Sawatzky specializes in first time buyers who are striving to achieve The American Dream in these challenging times. His specialities lie in placing any buyer into the right home based on their personal challenges - such as, short on the down payment, credit issues that need to be corrected or short time on the job. Rest assured there is a program that can get you started in owning a home.
Paul started his real estate career 45 years ago in Calgary Alberta in the building frenzy of the oil and gas boom. Having seen the spikes in home prices and lived through the high 18% interest rates he understands the cycles of the real estate markets. Timing is everything and the time is now before prices and interest rates make your dream more costly or impossible. Dealing with small home investors and flippers where the cash to purchase and renovate is always a challenge, finance, renovate and resell for a profit. Having flipped homes over 45 years, built homes or just renovated his own homes he understands the need to have qualified subtrades to complete the job on time and on budget.
Financing is always key whether it's short term financing to flip a home or an affordable long term mortgage to your Dream Home Paul knows where and how to structure the deal.
Whatever your circumstances, there is a home for you. Paul's knowledge of the local markets and combined real estate experiences will help you buy your home.
If you are interested in how you can own a home today at an affordable monthly payment please give Paul a call today 860-338-7256

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Office: 9am-5pm - 7 Days A Week
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